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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the children babysat?

This is entirely up to your discretion but usually, children go to the babysitter's house during daytime hours and the babysitter comes to the children at night.

How are my hours calculated?

Hours are calculated hour for hour. Hours need to be logged and confirmed after a sit has taken place in order for the system to update. Your total hours shown in Account Summary is either displayed as a postive or negative figure relative to your entire personal network. You can also view hours relative to each person in your network by selecting My Network and show/hide hours.

What if I don't agree with the hour system?

Simply contact us. We are constantly trying to improve the site to best suit the needs of all users.

What if more than one person accepts my booking request?

The system automatically allocates the person who accepts the booking first. If after the booking has been confirmed and the allocated person cancels the booking then the booking can be reopened for other people to accept. You have a choice of selecting which people in network you would like to babysit for you when you make a booking.

Can I change a booking once it has been made?

Yes simply go to the activity section of your account and follow the prompts under bookings.

Can I register a spouse?

Anyone can register for Sit4Sit but only one email can be used for each account. If you want to include your spouse as a babysitter then simply register your spouse under a different email and then he/she can join up to your network.

How safe/secure is

Your child will be looked after by another parent or friend that you know and trust versus someone who might be a total stranger. ensures that your profile is protected so that only those people in your own personal network can access your information.

How many families should I have in my network?

You will need at least one other family to start using and there is no set limit to how many families you can have in your network. The more families you have in your network the better your chances are of finding a babysitter at any given time.

Who uses

Anyone who has a need for a babysitter.

What if I babysit for a family in my network without lodging a request?

You are still able to log your hours but you will need to go through the booking process even after the babysit has taken place. Simply visit the activity section in your account.

Is there a minimum notice period for making a request?

No, but the more time you give for your network to respond the better your chances are of finding a babysitter.

Can I join if I don't have kids?

No, unfortunately runs on a trade or barter system for babysitting only.

I've signed up but not received a confirmation email?

Check your junk mail folder. Alternatively your email may be blocked by a firewall or email filter that is preventing the email coming through.

Why do I need to specify my timezone?

Your timezone is crucial to how works. Because the booking system is based on time it's important the system knows where you are in the world when a booking takes place. If you are having difficulty with your bookings not showing your correct local time, check your timezone in your account Profile.

Can I still use Sit4Sit if I have a negative hours balance?

Depending entirely on how much babysitting you organise it is more than likely at some stage that you have a negative hours balance. A negative hours balance by no means impacts your ability to keep using Your hours balance is merely your own private record of how much babysitting you've had done for you and you've done for others.

Can't find your answer?

Simply contact us and we'll do our best to help.

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